I've been going insane since I subscribed to (2) Cam Plus for a full year

This may sound simple, but I I had a similar frustrating experience with my Two Cam V2 ‘s (both have Cam Plus subscriptions) and miraculously resolved it by reformatting the SD Cards I had installed and the restarting each of the Cameras. I’ve also learned the hard way that its best for me to read the forum recommendations, but I don’t upgrade my Cameras or the Wyze app for my phone operating system unless absolutely necessary. I have the camera apps running on both Android (Samsung) & iOS iphone)

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Thank you @msteward for your feedback.

Ha. I have requested a refund as this is always an issue. Even after they fix it, it happens again. Never once even responded to any of my request. It’s funny tho, it will work again for a couple weeks after my request but always back to the same bs.
Good luck. They need some better cs and follow up on customers. It’s my main complaint here after being with them for 4 years. They are willing to lose customers and just make more and more non working products instead of fixing the ones they already have.