It's time for Wyze to grow up and support RTSP (full integration)!

If anyone needs it I still have the v3 beta RTSP firmware file. I’m using it on several cams with Blue Iris and it’s fairly stable. I did set up Blue Iris to execute a script that simply opens the rtsp url if BI loses connection to the cam and this seems to re-establish the connection fairly quickly.

Firmware is here: Wyze RTSP - Google Drive

I am very curious to see if anyone buys the ‘new’ cameras they are selling , if this old rtsp firmware will work. I doubt it, so it still causes me to not buy anymore cameras from wyse

No, the RTSP firmware was designed with Linux on RISC-V, and the new cams are running RTOS on ARM. It is absolutely impossible for the old RTSP firmware to work on them. They’re entirely different Operating Systems with entirely different chipsets. RTSP Firmware would have to be designed nearly from scratch for this new system. What most people are likely to do is to run it through something like Docker Wyze Bridge or Tiny Cam Pro or similar to convert the native stream to RTSP. People are just waiting for the 3rd party options to support the new cams.

Thanks for making this available. I have two V2s that I have been using with RTSP for some time now. So far, I have been unable to get a V3 to load the RTSP firmware. I put the RTSP .bin on a formatted SD card which I insert in the powered down camera. I then hold the reset while I apply power to the unit. Every time it just does a normal reset and says “ready to connect.” What am I doing wrong?


Did you rename the file? It’s been a while since I applied the firmware but I believe you need to rename it to ‘demo.bin’ before placing it onto the SD card. I do have it running on several V3 cams so I know it works. Good luck!

Well they had a V3 demoFW available awhile ago. I even downloaded it yesterday after 2 days of searching the web and discussion forum. Found the link for V2 very easy but V3 was more difficult.
Just affraid to put the link here because i dont want to be kicked out of this forum for doing so. and

Can you describe what the difficulty was?


Well for the V2 i found the hiden link in a forum but for the V3 i did not have the real zip files name so after digging on the web i finally found a topic where the file name was written, Then i used the same url as for the V2 and i substitute the v2 file name for the V3 and bingo the files was downloading.