It's not recording what I need on my four cameras

I have four cameras in front of my apartment complex that I’m using to prove that a tenant has way too many people living there. I need to record EVERY time someone enters and exits, but it’s just not giving me the recorded events I need.

If I turn up the sensitivity it will often record too early and stop after 12 seconds. Can I adjust this length?
If one camera is recording an event it seems that no other camera can record an event for about a minute, so I’ll get someone’s foot entering the frame, and then totally miss them in the other cameras.

I have 32GB cards in the cameras, set to continuous record, but it’s basically impossible to scrub through the video. It might be a bandwidth problem, but it really seems like the camera CPU is too weak. I haven’t once succeeded in getting video of a full event out of the camera.

When I tell it to record just events to the local storage, how can I adjust the length? Ideally, it would record from a minute before the event until a minute after.

I’m really hoping these can become useful for me, but so far they’re just a drain on my time. I’d love your suggestions.


A lot of what you describe such as recording a minute before to a minute after an event, is not currently supported. You may want to look at the new CMC subscription service it comes the closest to what you want.

I have no idea what the laws are in your jurisdiction but here in NC you would have to have all entrances and exits under surveillance with 24/7 coverage and archived footage or it will not be admissible for what you described.

But at the moment your ideal situation can not be achieved out of the box except for Continuous recording which you hand edit.

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