It's nice when things just work

We often see topics started with questions about problems or complaints. This time I just wanted to shoutout to say everything worked well in tough circumstances and came back up and running perfectly during multiple overnight power failures.

Last night, we lost power around midnight and over the next 4 1/2 hours, the power went on and off multiple times, a couple of those times were rapid on/off power fluctuations. After all that I expected to have a lot of rebooting of stuff this morning, but when I got up this morning I’m happy to say that all 9 cameras, home monitoring, sensors and WiFi locks were all up and running like nothing happened.

I was even able to look at continuous SD card playback and see when the power went off and on and finally restored and stayed on.

The only thing I had to do relating to Wyze this morning after all the crazy power issues was tap the refresh icon on one of the two wall mounted iPads that display one of our outside cameras 24/7

Nice when things just work!


nice to hear but I’m not getting the same with hms hub. every other device in the house resets and reconnects after a power failure but the hub. my router reconnects, the cameras reconnect, everything but the hub which controls the hms.

i want to be happy too.