It's Finally Here - Wyze Cam Outdoor 6/23/20

I haven’t been able to get it added to the cart after trying over half a dozen times. Seems like the same ordering issues as last time. Sigh…

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Keeps telling me amount exceeds limit when it actually shows nothing in the cart, lol.

Ordered 2 at 39.99. Didn’t see it for 29.99. Order confirmation was also received through email. Everything was crawling along. Be patient.

Finally worked!

Paid $39.99 for mine with another $10.59 for tax and shipping.

Yup! Thats why I created a wishlist for this :slight_smile: I really want continuous recording! Wyze Cam Outdoor V3 Ideas

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Where is it $29.99?

I hate to be a buzzkill, but now, with all the prices defined, I made my maths…
1 Outdoor Starter Bundle + 1 Outdoor Single Camera = $ 89.98
3 Wyze V2 + 1 Wyze Pan = $ 89.96
I have 2 V2 outdoors with home made polycarbonate weatherproof cases., and don’t see an advantage that makes me decide for the WCO… the PIR sensor? I had a terrible experience with the Wyze Sense PIR sensor outdoors, it was triggered by a passing cloud, soft wind, birds…
I think I will wait until people start using the WCOs and posting real world reviews and then reevaluate… but right now, my cost/benefit analysis favors the Wyze V2.

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I voted the day I saw it. I’m loving the ideas so far hopefully we can see a v2 in the not so distant future.

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I really hope so!

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Came today!

Sweet! Mine is enroute!

Had it one day and it crashed.

@od73 Hello there! Were you having trouble using your outdoor camera? I’m happy to help if you need assistance. :slight_smile:

So apparently it’s official. Not only can’t you plug it in, you can’t play back any video from a Wyze Cam Outdoor, by design.

Are you saying that these outdoor cams don’t have the same functionality as the earlier v2 cams? Is there a Wyze post somewhere that indicates that?

It IS finally here!

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Seriously? Yes, the functions of the Wyze Cam Outdoor are significantly reduced compared to what you can do with the V2s. There are many threads about it. They are not really comparable.

Here’s the manual , read all about it

So, it looks like it does record when motion is present(event recording) which is all I really care about.