It's Finally Here - Wyze Cam Outdoor 6/23/20

I had the same problem a couple days ago. I called my credit card company, and they confirmed that everything was fine with my account. Last night, I got 3 order confirmation emails and 3 cancellation emails, all at the same time. I only want 1 camera right now, but it doesn’t look like I’ll get any.

I’m also trying to pre-order from Canada but can’t since the Wyze app on my phone processing the payment is only available for US customers. Please advise!

Yes, can we get some clarification about why running off power is not recommended? I’m able to plug mine in. In that circumstance, what’s the problem? Seems like an odd statement.

WYZE doesn’t sell outside of the US.

I read by wyze that the cable power connection isn’t weather resistant (needs the rubber cap to seal it). So running it with a power cable in would void the warranty. Seems to me like this could have solved by including another rubber cap to fit over the cable or another cable with a built in seal. A commenter posted that keeping it plugged in would overheat the batteries.

Check this post out: Add More Device Triggers for Wyze Rules - #31 by ThomM

That isn’t very likely. Batteries have to be equipped with charge controller circuits to control overcharging.

If they said not to use it while it charges, I didn’t see that. What I did take note of is that it isn’t meant to be plugged in all the time as it is meant to or is “expecting” (something like that) to be powered by its internal batteries.

Keeping it plugged in continuously will cook the batteries.

I am made of questions. What kind of a bug puts out enough body heat to trigger an infrared sensor? When did the V2 get an infrared sensor?

Maybe. Although we might be using different definitions of “cook,” I’d like to hear that from Wyze. I have an iPad that is plugged in continually (for well over a year now) and that hasn’t “cooked.”

No it won’t. Batteries have charge controllers that won’t let them be overcharged.

Well, yeah, but your iPad also wasn’t $39.


Charge controllers are less that a dollar.

Yea… but at less than $50, you just buy a new camera…

Will RTSP firmware be available?

RTSP means continuous recording.
I can say it will never happen. You will charge your battery daily?

Plug them into a Wyze smart switch (or alternative). Leave Off normally. Turn On from your phone every few months to charge up, then turn Off again. Roundabout way to have permanently plugged in without shortening your batteries lifespan…:slight_smile:

Not an issue of “cooking” batteries BUT heat is the enemy. Which comes with constant charging. Even high end devices will do better if not left constantly charging. Left my last phone always plugged in and lasted 3 years but on replacement they found a clear bulge in the battery. The expansion could have destroyed my device. Repair tech strongly advised against this and recommended charging only to 80% for best chance of long life. Charge cycles cause oxides on the electrode over time that will shorten battery life. Generally happens mostly above 80% charge from what I understand. Reason a lot of battery chemistry research is focused on this very issue particularly for EV’s…

It’s questionable at this point if these batteries could or would be worth replacing so would follow Wyze’s recommendations to get the longest life out of these cameras…

Any chance your Canadian cousins can purchase some.? WYZE can ship them via USPS to Canada. It’s easy!

Steve W

The camera is essentially pointless if it can’t be plugged in and used for continuous recording.

The battery is a nice touch for when the power goes out if it can continue to record motion events to the sd card and/or be accessed via a direct wifi connection from a nearby device.