Issues with v3 RSTP Official Release Enabling RSTP

Just tried to install the announced RSTP support of the v3 camera and found an issue. Followed the directions and copied the “demo_wcv3.bin” to a 8Gb SD card that I formatted IN the camera. Checked on my PC and verified it was FAT32. Install seemed to go ok, reattached to the camera from the app and looked at the firmware level and checked that it had changed to the following.

Since the download file from Wyze did not have any version info in the file name I had to assume that it upgraded since it was not the same version as the current stock v3 firmware. I then attempted to turn on RSTP under the advanced settings. There was a RSTP status at the bottom, but not a slide button as all the other switches are. Picture attached…

When I tried to enable RSTP, I got this screen. Have no ideas where to go from here.

Any help/suggestions would be great.

Hard to see in your last screen capture, but to the right of the RTSP and i symbol is a on / off slider. Turn it on there, and it will bring up a page to allow setting up a username and password for RTSP access. This is the username and password that your RTSP client will use - NOT your Wyze account password.

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