Issues with support!

I asked support to roll back my v2 cameras firmware because the playback kept cutting out at 6 seconds with error code 3001. Great they did that but also rolled back my perfectly working v3 cameras firmware and now they don’t work at all!! WTF?? Alert me before you do something so I know or can alert you not to do it. I specifically said just the v2 cameras. Now my v3 cameras don’t work at all until I get back from out of town and can do factory reset on them!! What crap support…


It is very uncommon for Customer Support to have technical access to any of your cams to make changes in the Firmware. I have never read of any customer getting that done by Customer Service for any cams.

Can you please provide a Customer Service contact who accomplished this and the Service Ticket Number so that I can escalate an inquiry to Wyze?

Also, what firmware was previously on the cams and what firmware is now installed?


That’s just it… I reported it, submitted a log, even chatted with someone about it that said they would look into it. Then poof! The V2’s started working again and now needed updated firmware, AKA rolled back as I had just updated the firmware. Oh btw, the V3’s need updated firmware but can’t because they are offline as it says will happen if you rollback THEIR firmware!!

Again, no contact from them, they just did it to both.

If you did an online chat with support, you should have received an email from that chat. Do you have that?

Since your V2’s are working, we can focus on the V3.

If a firmware rollback was done, they will need a factory reset and reinstall.

However I would just try a power cycle first to see if they come back online. If they do, invest in smart plugs for all your cams.

If they don’t come back online after a power cycle, do not delete them from the app. Remove the SD card and hold down on the setup button for as long as it takes for the cam to reboot. Once it does and the red light returns, you can tap the setup to get the “ready to connect” and install it as a new setup in the app. It should then update to the same device in your app.

The cameras are running update which when reading the description was supposed to solve the error 3001 issues for event recording. But they are still there!?

I do not have any V2 in play. I can only help with V3.

However, your V2 are on out of date firmware. Perhaps you should update to