Issues and clarification - Google home/assistant integration

Since using the Google Home/integration since beta, I’ve noticed the following still continue and it’s pretty frustrating. It’s certainly nice when it’s working and for the short period that it streams though, but looks like further dev may be necessary if possible.

  1. it looks like the stream is currently unavailable for “camera name”
    Once this starts to happen, the only way to fix is to unlink Wyze from Google assistant and then relink. Part of the process requires adding each camera to each room. I can understand something like this during beta, but I just to do again for the who knows how many times.

  2. We have 2-factor authentication setup, but not prompted during Google assistant account linking. That seems like a security bypass. So, how effective is 2FA in the first place?

  3. The amount of time for the stream to actually start playing on a Chromecast takes quite a while. Anyway to speed this up?

  4. Seems like the stream automatically turns off after a short period of streaming. What’s the reason for this and being short