Issue with TinyCam pro

I know this thread is a bit old - but here goes:

I have been using the free version of Tinycam monitor on an Android tablet.

It has been working perfectly with 4 V3s for a few months.

After the last firmware update my cams are dropping out and coming back every 10-20 seconds.

Nothing else has changed except “upgrading” the cams to the latest firmware.

Any help would be appreciated - thanks

Install the previous version of the firmware from an SD card and see if this fixes the issue.

My cams are working with the previous version of the firmware so I didn’t update to the latest version. I just wish the app would honor the “don’t ask me again” (to upgrade) check box.

Just updating, 15.3 still crashing a lot, sent several crash reports recently to dev @alexey.vasilyev as well as ref to this thread on reddit someone else started:

Not really usable as it stands, forcing me into the ‘loving’ arms of the Wyze app (it’s kinda ‘needy’.)

I’m still on 15.1.3 running fine on a Fire tablet…

My memory is that apk for sideloading an earlier version is not available for Pro, only Free:

Is there an undocumented method I’m unaware of? :slight_smile:

Funny you should ask. What I did was purchase Pro (from a phone), temporarily install the Play Store on the tablet, install Pro, and then remove the Play Store.

As a more direct answer, yes there are apps that can back up installed APKs from one system and restore them to another, even for paid “Pro” apps. I almost went that route.

Well done. :slight_smile:

Still SOL here though - have no installed earlier version on another device to backup/restore from… :man_shrugging:

But you are in contact with Alexey - maybe he can send or link you an older Pro APK? There are probably illegal traders of such things but if you’re a paying customer…


tinyCam Pro isn’t readily rolled back to a prior version. tinyCam Free is.

In case of bugs in a new Pro release, tinyCam Free may be used as a proxy to restore lost performance.

Click for details

Tried this:

  • tinyCam Pro > Manage Cameras > Import/Export > Export Cams to Local Storage
  • Uninstalled Pro 15.3
  • Sideloaded Free 15.1.3
  • tinyCam Free > Manage Cameras > Import/Export > Import Cams from Local Storage

Free 15.1.3 works well, without crashes, and as a bonus regained ability to view Wyze cloud clip Events (from a list or a timeline.)

Reinstalled Pro from the Play Store and imported cams from local storage. Still crashes, but a little less frequently.

The crashes occur consistently when swiping from cam-to-cam (and less frequently multi-cam view-to-view) in Landscape orientation. Especially so if one retraces: eg, swipe right, then immediately left.

Post crash, I’ve taken to force stopping, clearing cache, starting Pro and clearing cache again in-app

Settings > Developer Settings > Clear app cache

which helps but I’ve resisted because it makes me feel like an OCD dork and I stubbornly don’t think I should have to. :wink:

I have his email address and my emails don’t bounce. :slight_smile:

…but I haven’t said anything that requires a response thus far. Maybe I’ll ask.

I don’t use many of the advanced features of Pro so the tradeoff for the stability via Free is worth it to me. Ads are only displayed viewing cams in Portrait which I don’t do that much, and sometimes when you enter Settings (which I do frequently.) Duckduckgo utility says Free tracks you via G and F (Pro don’t.) You can’t run a VPN and the DDG utility simultaneously, unfortunately.

(Thank you for nudging me out of my troubleshooting torpor. I think.)


Well, I experimented with sideloading and running the various Free versions between 15.1.3 and the current 15.3 and it turns out

15.3 Free streams best and has the snappiest display when navigating between cams/views

…and it doesn’t crash!

Unlike 15.3 Pro!

I do lose the ‘View Wyze cloud clip Events (from a list or a timeline)’ capacity beyond version 15.1.3, though.

Well thank you. You’ve certainly confirmed I shouldn’t ever update unless I have to, which has become my default policy for some time.

I hope Alexey ends up debugging whatever new process is breaking Pro for you.

My main fights have been turning down Fire updates; I’ve turned it all off but every so often my screen ends up blank or rebooted instead of locked on my 4 up view.

And yes TinyCam crashes 2-5 times a year. No problem.

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Ok, testing a move from v2 firmware to (latest) on a single cam.

From within latest Wyze Android app installed fine, don’t see any downside so far. (also fine on 2.22.21, the android 6 last gasp)

Within latest tinyCam Free 15.3, noticed:

Night mode: tinyCam is reporting 15fps (was orig spec 10fps) both on Main (1080) and Sub (360) streams

image   image

Day mode: also 15fps (no change)

Bitrate controls now work to select from between 30/60/120 KB/s. Haven’t tried these controls for ages but they had no effect in the past.


So two surprises and no downside to performance due to v2 firmware change so far… :sun_behind_large_cloud:

Some semi-ordered observations

Suggestion: see K.I.S.S. at bottom of this post first.

More powerful devices, connected to robust WiFi, can run well with stream profile set to Main (1080p), bitrate at 120 KB/s, displaying 3-4 cams at a time.

Running tinyCam Pro in Bluestacks 4 on a PC with plenty of power and memory does fine at those settings.

Running tinyCam Pro by itself on a reasonably well-equipped tablet may work at 120KB/s, or may need to drop to 60KB/s.

QOS (quality of service) on tp-link mesh router, cams set individually as ‘priority’ devices… made a dramatic difference within Bluestacks. PC connected via ethernet. Some improvement but not dramatic on tablet. This is the only QOS feature enabled (no dominant use profiles.)

The default stream profile upon app install is Main (1080p).


The default bitrate seems to be 60KB/s 30KB/s.

If you are viewing on a phone this is probably sufficient resolution.

Bigger screens may benefit from a bitrate setting of 120KB/s. Choosing bitrate is only possible when stream profile is set to Main.

Set bitrate to 120KB/s using this interface:


on each cam’s display in the program.

There’s some indication that setting a single camera may set them all in this respect, but it’s not consistent.

A selected higher bitrate setting doesn’t survive a stream profile change from Main to Sub, and back to Main.

The changed bitrate settings are sometimes persistent between sessions.

If smooth, quick image display during NAVIGATION (between cam groups and individual cams) is the priority, change the stream profile to Sub:


The Auto profile - switching between 360p & 1080p automatically - which is what the Wyze app does (robustly of late) causes me the most tinycam crashes, whether within Bluestacks or on tablet. :man_shrugging:



Night Mode controls


Main - 1920x1080 - 15 fps - Day/Color - 60 KB/s
Main - 1920x1080 - 15 fps - Night/B&W - 30 KB/s

Sub - 640x360 - 15 fps - Day/Color - ~20 KB/s
Sub - 640x360 - 15 fps - Night/B&W - ~15 KB/s

Variable… tinyCam likely responds automatically by motion/pattern demands of scene (also possibly influenced by demonstrated data throughput of connection.)

A long press on a cam’s displayed video stream yields this popup:


Camera settings > Camera Status then gets you here:


If cam Resolution in Wyze app is set to 360p vs HD, tinyCam ignores, overridden by Sub/Main Stream profile, the tinyCam equiv, it doesn’t reset wyze app setting, a night mode change DOES.

Cam Timestamp visual sharpness can help determine quickly whether Main (1080p) or Sub (360p) is selected.



Info overlay:
One-line / two-line / none (with successive taps)


Video Decoder:
Settings > Video settings

Your device may benefit by enabling hardware decoding.

Access Android ‘Recents’ control (eg, swipe up from bottom screen border) and leisurely-tap the square twice - once to shrink the app window, and again to restore.


Works in both Wyze app and tinyCam to quickly force as many cams as are displayed to 3-step authenticate/reload. Useful when one or more have errored-out or otherwise stalled.




My impression is that tinyCam (both Free and Pro) default settings are designed to serve well the average user of its basic function: streaming.

I’d recommend the new user not change any settings after installing their cams in the program. First do no harm.

Observe default performance for a good while under different network conditions.


Swipe-in the main program menu from the left screen border and change Stream Profile from Main to Sub. Play and observe basic performance for another good while. Try the ‘Auto’ profile setting, observe.

Experiment with Night/Day mode in combination.

Only then (if at all) begin exploring the many functions/features available in Settings and the menu overlay that appears when you tap the body of a cam’s live stream.

Uninstall/reinstall of tinyCam to get back to its default settings can be useful:

  • tinyCam > Manage Cameras > Import/Export > Export Cams to Local Storage
  • Uninstall app (or clear App Data in Android settings)
  • Reinstall app (not needed if only App Data cleared)
  • tinyCam > Manage Cameras > Import/Export > Import Cams from Local Storage

Preserves setup and settings of all installed cams.

Does not preserve other tinyCam program settings.

These are all working observations, cheerfully open to correction. Based on the v2 cam.

Have fun. :slight_smile:



v 15.3

With audio enabled on cam(s) (either in group or individual view) swiping between views was causing the crashes on my setup. None to speak of since keeping cams audio toggled off.

Probably related: with Background audio enabled, and audio enabled on a cam, minimizing the app crashes it - but background audio begins & continues. Tapping the background audio persistent notification reopens the cam in the app without issue.



Separately… the new version (15.3.3/4) bumps Android OS minimum to 7.0 from 5.0 - like the Wyze app.


I found stability of TinyCam Pro improved once I turned off Battery Optimization for the app, even though the tablet is powered 24/7 with a screen keepalive app. The web server, for example, used to randomly shut down.


Thought I saw a few people mention recent issues with tinyCam and Wyze Cam Outdoor (WCO). May be a fix in the works:


If Picture-In-Picture (PIP) is of any interest, I found out only recently that tinyCam can do up to FOUR PIP windows simultaneously - and includes AUDIO (from one window I expect.)

I tried it and it works, I was able to get three PIP windows streaming reliably, four less reliably, with audio…

Developer Alexey’s interaction with a forum user on the subject starts here:


Interesting, thanks. That’s got to be useful for somebody I guess. :wink: Maybe someone running Android on a 32" screen.


Yeah. Everybody I wanted to win :ballot_box: yesterday lost. I see little hope for our future. :slightly_frowning_face: :cloud_with_lightning: :tornado:

I’m certain that tinyCam is a great program filled with pleasant surprises and is a stupid good bargain. That’s all I know for sure right now.

In running Tinycam monitor on a 10 inch tablet - it works well if you magnify the screen using Android’s accessibility option… Only two cameras per screen on mine though.

I’m running it on a 42" Sharp LCD TV through a WalMart ONN 4K AndroidTV box with very acceptable results – basically just for real time surveilance at night from the bedroom. Ten cams across 3 screens behaves pretty well for the intended purpose. I use Blue Iris for my heavy lifting, but the ONN box is a little screamer and even has a pretty cool remote. Hang a SD card off an OTG cable and you have a nice little TinyCam rig. They also offer a stick even cheaper, but the 4K HD box is the way to go. 20 bucks at WalMart while they last.

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