Issue with connecting to my home wifi

New item
Not able to connect my gateway to home WiFi.
Created ticket # 3433917
But haven’t any support help.

Issue :
Internet 2.4 Ghz
New gateway doesn’t connect to my WiFi.
Reloaded modem and mesh doesn’t make me happy.

  1. Puting gateway to flash red/blue.
  2. App (Android) quickly found my item
  3. Click on found gateway
  4. Observing animation where gateway connecting to some dark block
  5. Redirecting me to the list of connections.
  6. Select my home network
  7. Screen requesting input the password
  8. Blue/red flash changed to the green.
  9. Typing my password
  10. Trying to connect and fail immediately .

Any help or suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Thank you!

Any suggestion? Sorry if you already did this. Any chance you have an old router/mesh router with same name still running? Even a Internet disconnected node still running with that old one’s name will cause what you are describing.
Yes, we courage using the old name/password on a new setup, but the old stuff must be unplugged and powered down.
Sincerely hope this helps.