Is Wyze Watch Range Atrocious For Everyone?

I have enjoyed a lot of the features of the Wyze Watch 47 but I can’t get further than 5 ft from my phone without losing connectivity. This is quite an annoyance since the watch was supposed to offer some freedoms from the phone. I have a pair of $15 bluetooth earbuds that can operate about 100 ft from my phone… through walls. Even my old fitbit can connect to my phone from over 100 ft away. Was I sent a defective watch or is this just how bad the range actually is?


I thought it was just me but yes, I have noticed the range is pretty abysmal. Phone in the next room with the door open and it drops off. I’m not trying to dunk on the watch because I really do like it but there are glaring improvements that can be made.

Agreed, at home I can be in the next room or down the hall and it has no connection. Strangely enough here at work the signal goes through 1 wall ok and at 20 ft away I get notifications. No rhyme or reason.

Update. I originally pre ordered a 47 watch. When that arrived there was a flake of plastic or something under the watch screen so I sent that back for warranty and Wyze promptly sent a new one. Thank you, Wyze support.

Now, THAT replacement was problematic. It had a defect in the aluminum case where the pinholes that the watch strap fit into were not symmetrical. In addition to the physical defect in the case, the watch would reboot at random and would disconnect frequently from my phone. I finally emailed Wyze with the problems with my first warranty replacement and they sent me a second replacement.

This replacement has been a dramatic improvement.

Not only is case correct, the software/firmware appears to be much more stable. I haven’t noticed anymore random rebooting and the connection to my phone is stable. Maybe, there’s just a batch of these that are just a fuzz on lower quality. I can understand they’re producing these things with a Chinese partner for extremely low cost, there will be QC issues. See attached picture for examples.

I’ve had better luck with my 47 watch vs the band. My band would constantly lose connection with any distance. Then I’d have to reboot my phone to get it to connect again.