Is this working as intended?

Using four V3pros and 1 OG
I updated to the latest firmware and app two days ago.

I noticed something annoying since updating and don’t know if this is a bug or intended, but the way clips are downloaded seems pretty messed up to me…

Previously: clicking on an event from a specific camera from the main “home” tab on my phone and then selecting “download”, the clips would end up in a folder called “events”.

Currently, after update: All four V3 Pros, create a folder of their own, all of them named “recordings” so I have four folders named the same thing, each with the separate cameras EVENT that I downloaded.
Pretty confusing since record usually applies to recording time frames from the SD Card, not to mention making unnecessary folders.
The OG downloads it to an event folder.
Shouldn’t events from any camera go to an event folder like it used to?