Is this how I should make the schedule? Doesn't seem to follow it

Is the right way to make a schedule?
Seems simple enough to make a basic schedule, but it doesn’t seem to follow. It’s 8:02pm in these photos and it should be colder. (it’s 31* F outside and snowing)

The schedule itself looks right. Though you are dealing with a VERY small temperature difference between 6:50am-9:30pm, and it can be affected by your other settings such as the behavior setting, whether you have coast to cool on, what your differential temperature is, how your furnace functions and how the airflow is in all the rooms surrounding the TStat. These things may explain why it is showing at 67 degrees at 8:02PM.

Additionally, when you set up the schedule might make a difference. If you just set it up this afternoon, then the schedule that happened at 12:00pm would have never triggered today.

Consider updating some of the above settings to better function the way in which you would prefer it to.


I’ll give this a shot, thanks.

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