Is this company still around?

I placed an order 12 days ago and it hasn’t shipped. I tried sending emails but no reply. I’ve been on hold with them for 20 minutes now.

I can’t speak to the emails, and lack of response, but what did you order? Was it an Outdoor Cam by any chance? If so, those aren’t shipping until October.

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I ordered about 12 days ago. I was able to talk with them after 30 minutes. They said that they were very busy.

I would say they are still around, BUT their fulfillment needs a lot of work. I too did not get a notification of shipping, or order acknowledgement. They are shipping out of Indianapolis, IN. The camera contains a Lithium Ion battery, so it is going by FedEx ground for delivery, to your local post office for delivery to your house.

I have not called them, so I cannot validate that response, but most us lucky folks are WFH, so who would answer the office phones?

In terms of ECommerce order handling, they need a lot of improvement. As a customer I find their current handling of orders to be unacceptable in this day and age. If they were an Amazon 3rd party seller, Amazon would have already thrown them out.

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Call forward?

I agree the use of Call Forward would be a good idea, but I do not think they have employed it. Besides with Slack and MS Teams - who uses a phone any more?

Apparently WYZE.

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