Is this a solution? (Armed OR disarmed status ON KEYPAD)

I realize this isn’t an option yet. (Right? I’d just like a simple way to know if the system is armed. Why? I’d like to have two keypads. One at the front door and one at the back door/garage, away from the hub.)

HOWEVER, can I install a Wyze plug and have a simple light fixture with a red lightbulb in the garage? And then set a rule up, that whenever the system is “armed”, the lightbulb turns on and is red.

My goal: When I come home through the garage, I know the system is armed by simply seeing the red bulb. Does this make Sense? (Pun intended)

Sorry @gp2019, you can’t do that.

If you look in any of the Rules building Triggers or Actions, the HMS Monitoring Status (Home\Away\Disarmed) is NOT an option for building into ANY rules.

The HMS, for what I can only speculate is for security reasons, has been specifically quarantined from integration into any home automation rules, routines, or digital assistant access.

The ability to do this has been requested many times in the #wishlist topic below.

Follow the link, Vote for it at the top, drop a :heart: like on any posts that catch your eye, and add your reply at the bottom if you feel compelled: