Is there Wyze Outage?

Is this the new permanent fix. Or is the DNS issue going to be resolved at some point?

I believe the issue was with Cloudflare not resolving addresses correctly or at all. They seem to have been down for maintenance. You may try Cloudflare again since they should be up by now. You can also run a DNS test against Cloudflare.

My vdbv2 is still offline. I’ve tried adding it again but it never connects to the wifi

Update: I tried changing my primary DNS server to and still no luck with the VDBv2 connecting or setting up a new device it fails while attempting to connect to the wifi. I’ve contacted support so hopefully they can help

Update2: I’m an inpatient person. Figured I would try disconnecting the power supply and trying again. This solved the issue. I had to add the camera as a new one again

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I think there is/was an outage. All of my cameras (3) were offline for days. I reset them to no avail. I contacted support. They offered to warranty them if they were stil under a valid warranty (they weren’t). So I thought somehow they all died simultaneously. I bought a new camera and went to add it, and upon opening the app, all my cameras are online!!! What the heck? How did support not know there was an outage? Now I bought another camera I don’t need.

Well after reading the rest of this thread, it appears I was victim to the DNS outage as well.

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No Wyze has gone to [Mod Edit], just threw out 5 cameras and now Mt outdoor plug has scrapped out, gonna switch to blink or something else