Is there a way to remove the mounting plate from a window?

I’ve had my camera mounted to a window, but I want to move it. Has anyone been able to peel a mounting plate off a window?

I feel like I will break the window if I pry too hard. Would there be any solvents that would loosen it?

Thank you.


Hold a piece of dental floss tightly between your hands, catch it under the edge of the disk and use a sawing motion to cut through the adhesive. Then use a single edge razor blade to remove any remaining big chunks of the adhesive and some goo-gone to remove any residue.

Dental floss didn’t work for me. It kept breaking. I used fishing line and that cut right through it. Wear gloves as the fishing line will also cut right through your hands.

Or you could get another mounting plate. Mr. Obvious. I am not a robot.

What I did was attach the metal mounting plate to painter’s tape, then to the window. The tape works well and allows the metal plate to be removed easily.

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