Is there a way to create a scene with multiple bulb groups?

I’ve got the bulbs in my dining room grouped together, and the bulbs in my living room. I want to be able to save a scene for both rooms, but I can’t seem to figure out how. Is there a way?

A scene only works within a group. So you can have a scene for dining room and a scene for living room.


If you want the individual bulbs within the two groups to be a different color, brightness or temp from the rest, and you want to control it thru the bulb group scenes UI, it is only going to be possible using two scenes, one for each group as @IEatBeans mentioned.

But, if all the bulbs are going to be set to the same color, brightness or temp, then a rule can be built to act on both groups applying these settings to all bulbs equally.


It is also possible to create a rule, adding each individual bulb separately in the action block, and selecting to turn it on with the specific brightness, temp and color you want that bulb to display, Each bulb would then achieve its settings individually when the rule is run.