Is there a way to add a 2nd "at home" mode?

Can I set a 2nd mode in at home? I would like the current at home to stay the same! It works great and so does the away, They do all I need and am really happy with the system for the last 6 months!

I would like a second “at home” for when we call it a night. I would like it to turn the garage cam siren on for an intruder and the living room cam to turn on notifications.

Thank-you !

Need a bit more information… I am assuming you are referring to the Cam Protect service rather than the Home Monitoring Service (HMS). Is this correct?

Thanks for a quick response SlabSlayer! No on the cam protect and I HMS may be a no also. I just have the droid app with SD’s in 2 V3 cameras and a wired dorrbell.

Thanks. Now you have me doubly confused.

Since you neither have the HMS or Cam Protect, I am racking my brain as to what it is on a V3 cam and Doorbell that you are setting to “Home”.

After thinking a bit, I am guessing that you are talking about the Preset Shortcut Rule Template “I’m Home” that places a Shortcut button at the top of your Home screen device list and actions every one of your cams off.

If that is the case… Unfortunately, there is no Preset Template Rules to do what you want.

Also, because you will want the new Rule to be based on a specific trigger to turn on the Siren for the Garage Cam… “Detects Motion” or “Detects a Person” if you have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite; you can’t use a Shortcut Rule.

Since you are using the “I’m Home” Preset Shortcut Rule Template to turn off your cams when you are home. I am going to also assume that you are using the “I’m Away” Preset Shortcut Template Rule which turns on your cams, turns on Motion Detection, and turns on Notifications.

I suggest two Rules. Create one Device and Service Trigger Rule to turn on the Siren for the Garage Cam any time that it is on… either when “I’m Away” or when it is “Bed Time”. The second Rule will be a Shortcut Rule that will turn your cams back on and enable the Motion Detection & Notifications at “Bed Time”

You have the ability in the app to create as many custom rules as you like. I currently have over 70 set on my many devices.

To create a rule that will “turn the garage cam siren on for an intruder”:

  • In the upper right of the Home screen Device List, press the :pencil2: Pencil Icon.
  • Select Edit Rules.
  • Press the + Plus icon in the upper right.
  • Select Device and Service Trigger Rule.
  • Press the Plus + sign beside Name and enter your name for the rule… something like “Garage Siren for Person”.
  • Press the Plus + sign beside Device and Service Trigger.
  • Find the Garage V3 and select it.
  • Choose the appropriate Trigger. Detects a Person will only be available if you have a Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite subscription assigned to the cam. If you don’t have a subscription, choose Detects Motion.
  • Click Save
  • Click the Plus + sign next to Add Action.
  • Select the Garage V3.
  • Select Turn On the Siren.
  • Click Save
  • If you want the siren to only be activated only at night and not while you are “Away”, you can use the Time feature at the bottom to restrict the hours the rule will run, say start at 10p and end at 6a.
  • Click Save

To create a Rule that will make the “living room cam to turn on notifications” when you turn in for the night:

  • In the upper right of the Home screen Device List, press the :pencil2: Pencil Icon.
  • Select Edit Rules.
  • Press the + Plus icon in the upper right.
  • Select Shortcut at the top.
  • Name your Rule in the top box. Perhaps “Bed Time”
  • Click the Plus + sign beside Add Action.
  • Select your Garage V3 Cam.
  • Select: Turn On the Camera, Turn On Motion Detection, and also Turn on Notifications (if you want notifications on for the Garage Cam also).
  • Click Save
  • Click the Plus + sign beside Add Action.
  • Select your Living Room Cam.
  • Select: Turn On the Camera, Turn On Motion Detection, and also Turn on Notifications.
  • If you want the doorbell in on this Rule, repeat the last 3 steps for the doorbell.
  • Click Save.

At the top of your Rules List, you will see your three Shortcut Rules listed “I’m Home”, I’m Away", and the new “Bed Time”. You can change the order that they appear at the top of the App Home page by pressing and holding the 3 bars at the right and dragging the rule to the proper order you want.

Note that you will need to press the “I’m Home” shortcut rule in the morning otherwise you will be setting off the siren in the Garage and get notifications on the Living room cam. The Siren will only sound for 30s though.

Here is an example of what those two rules should look like with my “example” cams:


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Wow! Thank-you so much. Will read and get back here with what I decide.

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I’m a rookie and trying to learn. These INSTRUCTORS are wonderful to know. I may NOT have the same question as the person who posted (THANK YOU FOR YOUR POST) yet I think everyone should know this ESPECIALLY since I DIDN’T receive any instructions except how to plug in and WOW Cameras Working!
Embarrassed but not too proud to say, I have know idea HOW I got to this conversation today except for doing a search. Everyone here are Fabulous Friends who care to help! Even with questions!!! Thank you all.

You’re welcome! Yes, the forum is full of some of the most experienced users and some of the best posts and topics. Almost every question imaginable has been asked, every feature tested, and every shortcoming discussed. But with all the updates and new features, there is always more to learn.

Keep coming back and searching. If nothing else, you can always ask where to find an answer. Someone will invariably point you to the right topic or post.

Check out all the different Topic Categories and browse around the Wishlist.

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