Is there a way I can document Detections?

I’m interested in having some type of code or document output where I can move all of the detection notifications from just my phone for 2 weeks to a more long lasting interface does anyone have any ideas for this?

I believe you could program Ifttt to do this for you. Basically have it so that any Wyze notification gets copied into a spreadsheet. I did similar things with texts and other stuff for a while until ifttt turned greedy and I quit using them.

I haven’t used ifttt in a long time so maybe someone who does still use it can chime in with how to set that up if you go that route.

You can probably do something similar through Tasker, but it would be a little more complicated to set up that way.

There are also apps you can download that will store all your notification history in a long term log that you can go back and review. Some may even let you limit the log to only track certain apps or for a certain length of time. I use 2 of these because sometimes I accidentally swipe something and wish I’d read it in more detail, so with these apps I can always go back and find past notifications.

Those are ideas that come to my mind as potential options.


There is a very handy and very little-known, built-in Android feature to display a full and detailed notification history. This may help in your goal.

The only way to expose it is as a home screen widget.

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Nice. I just added that widget to my third home screen. Thanks for sharing. :+1:

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