Is there a reason to keep my V3 cam boxes?

I’ve also been thinking about the magic of ziplock bags. :slight_smile: Maybe putting all the screw mounting kits in one bag, all the magnetic mounting plates or quickstart guides in another bag, etc. and then labeling the bags as what kind of device they came from.

Or, just throwing everything from a V3 in one bag, a V2 in another, etc.

I have a Brother labelmaker that can label the bags, but I suppose you can also just write on them with a sharpie marker. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is actually what I did for almost all cameras prior to August or so when I started doing this.

  • I took all the screw mounting kits and put them all in one bag.
  • All unused Magnetic Mounting kits in one bag
  • All Wyze sticker/badges in one bag
  • All extra USB Power adapters into another
  • I’ve started putting parts from newly purchased parts into separate bags, but maybe I should continue to put screw mounts and magnetic mounts in the same back anyway. I initially only put them all in the same bag because I was no longer sure which went to which product.


  • I have ear buds silicone replacements all in one bag
  • I started collecting the silica gel packets too. If I drop a non-waterproof electronic in water I can stick it in that bag to suck the moisture out.
  • Cord Mounting holders
  • Lots of Command strip things in another
  • I’ve started labeling cords for which product they originally belonged to.

I like your idea of continuing to keep all mounting screws and mounting plates in the same bag. I think I’ll continue doing that. Like you said, I can just label the individual bags or whatever if needed. Might as well save on ziplocks…unless there is a special reason to keep those with other items. For example, when I got the Video doorbell, I had lots of extra parts, so since I’d be placing a bunch of other stuff for that item in a separate bag anyway, I might keep the screws for it in with the rest of it’s parts. But most products don’t have a bunch of extra parts, so most of them can just all go in the same kind of parts bag. :+1:


I’m just going to keep all hardware in the same bag/box since I only have V3’s. Cords can go in another (1 from broken cam and 1 from cam that’s using extra long cord from amazon). Good idea on using the silica gel packets. I’ve saved some, and also have plenty from freeze drying foods.

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You’d be surprised just how weak, cloudy, and non-transparent those bags get after a few seasons in the garage. Yo may have to change them out every few years.

And heck it doesn’t even take that much. I’m looking at a Ziploc freezer bag that was used to hold papers on a single trip in a carry-on. It’s already wrinkly and starting to cloud.

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Very true. They can also disintegrate.

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That reminds me, all my Whyze cams are out of warranty, time to throw out the boxes and throw all leftover parts in one box.

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