Is there a Mac / Web-broswer app for live streaming?

Is there a Mac / Web-broswer app for live streaming the video feed? I’m sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks.

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Thanks a lot!

The workaround is to install an Android emulator such as BlueStacks (free) in macOS and then install the Wyze app or TinyCam app within that. A bit awkward, but it works.

Thanks! I was looking for a much simpler solution. Don’t want to run an emulator for just this.

I tried this, it does NOT work.

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I’m using a Macbook. Downloaded NOX then installed Wyze in the NOX “environment” (not sure what it’s called). Can now use the Wyze app on my macbook perfectly!

Here’s the link for NOX:

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I’ve downloaded NOX and it’s working…but… when I select full screen for the camera the image comes up rotated 180. The cams all display correctly when I’m in the home screen of the app. And, of course, if I rotate them individually so they display correctly in full screen they’re inverted in the home screen.
Anyone else having this problem??

Have you played around with Settings > Display options?

On my device where it says “When device is rotated”, I chose “Stay in portrait view”…lemme know if that works!

What worked for me was in the settings I changed it to phone from tablet which must be the default and it works fine

DO NOT use this solution - it installs bloatware, changes your search engine choices, starts overloading popups and probably has spyware. DO NOT use the NOX installer

BlueStacks works well for me. Easy to install and run the Android Wyze app.


I just installed and tried both Bluestacks and NOX. NOX absolutely sux, pegged the CPU on my Macbook Pro, and was barely usable. Bluestacks just worked.

A web interface has been asked for a long time now. Over 3,600+ voted for this option that remains in researching. :no_mouth:


This request and dark mode will never be seen apparently.

Facebook Live, Facebook Live allows users to simply log in to their Facebook account and live stream to their direct audience.
Vimeo Livestream.
Instagram Live.

Safari is your best bet on Mac, as it’s the only browser that can stream Netflix in 4K (with macOS Big Sur or newer). .

I recall that a web interface is available if you pay for Cam Plus. Can anyone confirm, and assess? Thx.

That should be true for all OS’s if it works on a browser on one. You just need to search what people are saying about it.

But, on Mac OS, VLC is available. If you install rtsp firmware then VLC works great that way at least with a cam v3. I’m testing it on an iPhone with zero issues besides anything firmware related such as when force blocking it from the internet.

If you want to not mess with the firmware then you get what you got. Wyze app or the new Wyze paid browser viewing or not so good emulator where many don’t have hardware acceleration (or even know what that is for emulators) to vastly improve the speed eg Configure hardware acceleration for the Android Emulator  |  Android Developers