Is the shop working?

I’m having trouble ordering a solar panel and a couple of microSD cards. What’s weird is the online shop has different prices than the shop in the app:

Online the solar panel is 19.99 plus shipping. In the app its 22.99 plus shipping. Online the micro SD card is 12.98. In the app its 6.99.

When I tried to order online no matter how many times I clicked add to cart, nothing would add to cart. In the app I got all the way to the “place your order” button and then got a message that said “order creation failed”.

What gives? Just want to buy some stuff but literally everything is being weird.

We never use the app,allways hit the shop above this location and log into our account

It may matter more what browser you are using; try another. As for the price differences, they are different environments owing to different people, so pick the one that serves you best. Hopefully a new environment will come along.

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