Is the forum broken?

I posted a reply in outdoor camera plans Thread and it is not showing up,I tried to repost it and it says error duplicate ,

Please provide a link to the thread as there are many concerning outdoor cameras, and I’ll take a look.


I posted this

I wasn’t sure it would even work out there but ,I have one out inside my pole barn ,I don’t have anything special just a good router , The router in the house sits on a shelf about 10 inches from the ceiling , It took me a little while to find a spot for the cam were it would actually work well .

I ended up putting the cam right next to the side walk in door ,I found out moving it a foot or less, This way or that, will make a big difference ,Mind you now, The pole barn is a steel building also with a steel door but the camera works ,

The other one Outside On the House ,I have mounted on top of my side door Light fixture works perfect, from the get go

I don’t know what happened but ,I just posted it again with some extra text and it stuck

Okay, temporary glitch I guess. I saw that happen to me once before a while back. Might have been the system thinking you were spam for a moment.

First time, I edited it real quick too, that might be what screwed it up

Does tbe forum remember us, or do we have to re-login each tine?

It will remember for some period of time. If you log in on multiple devices, it seems you almost always have log back in when returning to a previous device.