Is spam a big problem?

Does WYZE have a problem with spam. Why do we need to go through the “Not a Robot” captcha? To enter a reply?

Hi Bob! Yes, unfortunately we really had problems with spam as our forum platform is based on Wordpress. You would have to tick the box before submitting a reply.

I appreciate the low level of spam here, but since we have to be logged in, I would have thought that would reduce the spam considerably. But some forums that limit posting to members only still have bot generated accounts and spam postings. So if the I’m not a robot is what it takes to keep the S/N ratio high, it is a low price to pay. I haven’t had to enter captcha, just clicking the box has been enough for me. That might not be true if you are using a VPN service like PIA.

Yes for most users clicking the box would be enough. We’ve had a few incidents of spam postings even though they would have to log in to post, which is why we turned on the captcha. Until we find a better solution for it, we might have to keep that there for the time being.