Is my Shop Haunted?

I own a Indoor Flea Market that is only open on the weekends. This video was recorded during the week when no one was in the shop. The sound start off as a dog barking. Ok maybe some one is walking there dog near my shop but after that I cant explain what I hear. What are your thoughts? Does my shop have a ghost? - YouTube

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Trunk shutting, followed by dead body being dragged on a metal ramp.


man if i had a nickel for all the dead bodies being dragged

It almost sounds like another dog growling, but also sounds like it could be a human breathing, sort of trying to talk. Creepy and scary. Imho, it could possibly be a ghost, maybe even the ghost of a dog although I’ve never heard of dogs becoming ghosts. So maybe even a ghost imitating a dog? Trying to respond to the barking in “dog language”? I guess we’ll probably never know for sure, but if I were you, if I had time, I’d send that link to some “ghost hunter” types who seem legit and professional.

No. It could not.

How do you really know? The truth is, neither of us really knows for sure.

Wrong. That statement is utter nonsense. Neither of us really knows for sure that our father isn’t secretly a Martian named Floyd. Or that we can fly if only we wish hard enough. Nonsense. We know this for sure.

It’s probably a sound from outside just like the dog and it could be a million different things, I don’t know why you would think it might be a ghost or something