Is it possible to use V2 cam in 2 homes with 1 account?

I’m currently using the V2 cameras at my home and was trying to setup another camera at my parent house with the same account by “add device” in the app. It won’t work by giving me a network error even after logging into their wifi network. Got the same error trying to do the same thing at my brother’s house to test it out. Is there a trick to doing this or you have to setup a separate account and share it to my account.

Takes no magic. Connect to the WiFi at the second house and do the initial setup routine for each additional camera. I routinely have cameras at two locations, and had had a third at times.

Make sure their Wifi is running on 2.4 Ghz band not 5.0 Ghz. Most routers hsve both.

And adding this for the benefit of those in this situation - if you want to move a camera from your home to another - like maybe a vacant property for security purposes, you can use a hotspot at a lower cost than getting a full service internet account. I have one on a $15 per month plan for 2 GB of data.