Is it possible to run two devices, one on NON-beta, one on Beta, same account?

I’ve two Android devices and when I loaded the beta version on both I did not realize I would regret it.
I like the beta version but it is getting annoying to constantly be kicked back to the android home screen, then come back in and everything works fine.
I’d like to be able to load the standard app on my phone and the beta version on my Amazon Fire tablet.
But I don’t want to leave the beta program entirely.

You can run the production version on one device and beta on another. That should not be a problem.

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How do I find the production version? When I go to the play store all I see is the beta version?

I’m an iPhone guy. I’ll have to call in someone who knows more about Android. Stand by please.

Sending you a PM @gemniii. (PS - this is not our normal communication channel)

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I know you can share a device with a non beta account without issue. I am doing so now with my wife and she still sees the old interface while I am able to view everything on the beta app with the new interface.

I don’t believe you can selectively apply the beta to different apps, but I have not tried to do so ever since google started allowing betas to be distributed via the play store.