Is it possible to configure so I don't miss a person notification?

I love the new person detection feature. But unfortunately, the 6 minute blackout time prevents notifications sometimes when a person appears. For example, a person could make a loud sound off camera, wait 12 seconds, then walk around in front of the camera for 5:48 without triggering a notification. I would like a notification any time a person is detected regardless. Maybe something like the motion sensor, I get a notification that a person was detected then another when a person is no longer detected.

I use the local recording so I can look through there but that’s tedious. I’m going to open a separate discussion on that one.

Take a look at this post for more information on their plans for addressing this: Free Person Detection From Wyze - #99 by WyzeShawn

Person detection isn’t run on video clips that are captured with the motion sensor, so I’m afraid that there isn’t a workaround to the five minute cool down issue right now.

With the 5 minute cooldown. you’re going to miss things if Person detection is on or not

Hi there I am new here my name is Michael Yesterday I notice person on my notifications . I have a camera in my yard when i had it on motion it use to pick up my dogs all the time. If i got this correct with person notifications it will only pick up a person when they are in my yard . For example I have a a exterminator that comes once a month the cameras go off showing my dogs in the yard but never him. So I assume that is do to the 5 minute cool down period.

Thanks for your help michael

Welcome to the community, @stockups1024. I have moved your question to an existing topic so the conversation can be continued here. :slight_smile:

One of my cameras (v2) flagged my 12 pound cat as a person when the jumped on the kitchen counter. But it hasn’t flagged my 90 pound dog as a person. The other camera (pan) doesn’t flag anything as a person. Even if I try to trigger it on purpose by walking into its field of view. And yes, I have it turned on for both cameras.

I am guessing the detection is still a work in progress and has a long way to go.