Is it possible to capture only photos and not a short video while recording a Timelapse?

As the title suggests. Every time I have recorded a Timelapse, and I check the Timelapse by inserting the Micro SD- card into my computer, I see there are multiple short (1 min long) clips, and I was wondering if it’s possible for the camera to click multiple pictures rather than short clips. Also, for some reason when I try to access the “SD card” from the app itself, it says that I don’t have access to it. How do I get access to it?

What ceiling/wall mounting product would you recommend for V3, V2, andV4 cams? For the time being we’re using duct tape, but it isn’t the best solution.

You are looking in the wrong place on the µSD card. The one minute video files are in a folder structure of date and hour. That’s the"normal" µSD card video recordings (either continuous or events). I have not looked at a µSD card for a while, but timelapse are in a folder as I recall called timelapse.

There are many mounts available. Go to Amazon and search for “Vxx mount”. Me, I simply screw in the camera base under the eaves.

I understand what you’re saying. I am asking whether it’s possible for the Wyze cam to click single pictures rather than short-clips. I have seen the Time-lapse video, but I want to view the pictures frame by frame.

But that’s what a “video” is; a collection of single pictures. You can view a video frame by frame (or “picture”). If you search, you do this using Windows Media player or VLC or any number of utilities. And hopefully export each frame or picture.