Is It Even Worth Buying Wyze Cameras Any More?

resist, you Seem to be Very Opinionated!! [Mod Edit] it seems as if you choose to degrade anyone who Doesn’t agree with YOUR stance on the WYZE cameras, or maybe YOU actually work for wyze, and feel the need to denigrate anyone who THINKS for themselves!
I agree with the comments about how wyze seems to have chosen the path of least expense, when it comes to providing Quality products
I have gone back and forth with wyze for almost 3 months, without getting ANY satisfaction to the MULTIPLE camera issues I’ve experienced with 3 of the 8 cameras I purchased, They REPEATEDLY ask the SAME questions, to which I continually give them answers, all to NO AVAIL. They sent me an e-mail that CLAIMED they were going to REPLACE One of my “3” FAILED PTZ cameras, but it NEVER ARRIVED!! Even when I provided Multiple ways for them to contact me, including my Phone Number, they couldn’t be bothered. I suspect their “TECH SUPPORT” is nothing more then some people sitting behind a computer screen, perhaps still in their PJ’s, in Daddy’s basement, somewhere totally UNABLE to effectively resolve CLIENT ISSUES WITH ‘THEIR’ PRODUCTS :frowning:
Repeatedly I asked for SOMEONE to just CALL me, to resolve even ONE of the FAILED CAMERAS, but NOOOOOOO, they Just couldn’t be bothered!!
Just because you haven’t yet had these Issues that many of us have had, you might want to keep Your opinions to yourself, because Your day of Problems WILL COME, and then you will feel just as disheartened as many of us now feel!
Although I own about 8 or 9 of their products, I’m doing my Best to Discourage any of my Law Enforcement Brothers/Sisters from Wasting their hard earned $$$$$$ on WYZE products, and they’re listening!!

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