Is 2.4 dead on ios?

Just replaced my router with 2.4 an5GHz channels trying to reconnect my wyze cams 4 in total and tried 3 different ios devices and none will show the 2.4 channel to connect to I have shut the 5 GHz channel off and still no luck, I have done the network reset on all 3 phones still no luck with the latest ios on iphone 6 puzzling to say the least I can connect to the 2.4 with windows and linux pcs and laptops but there is not desktop wyze app to set it up is there?? any help appreciated

I have no problem connecting to 2.4GHz radios with my iPhone (on iOS 12.1.4). I have three different 2.4 APs, and the iPhone can associate with all of them.
What is the security configuration on the 2.4 radio on your new router? WPA2-AES is the latest, and preferred. And check the bandwidth. Your router might be configured to use 40MHz instead of 20MHz. Newer iPhones (at least iPhone7) support 40MHz on the 2.4GHz band. It’s plausible that the older iPhone6 doesn’t. However, according to this article, Apple started supporting 40MHz with the iPhone5.


If none of @kyphos’s advise helps, I’d suggest contacting Apple or the router manufacturer about this since the question is really between those devices and not about Wyze Cam at this point.

There is no advantage in connecting your iOS devices to the 2.4 GHz network. They can see your 2.4 GHz Wyze cams from the 5 GHz network just fine. Those speeds are just the speeds your individual devices connect to, from where they can see the overall network.

That said, my iOS devices connect to my Netgear’s 2.4 GHz network fine, but I use the 5 GHz net.

all working fine on a different router so maybe that router has a n issue like i said tried 3 devices already on it and no go anyway up and running now was much simpler when things co-operate

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Mine are connected on 2.4 without issue. I couldn’t get the setup through iPad but changed to iPhone se without problem.