IR lights for indoor use

Are IR lights recommended for indoor use. They work great in some outdoor situations but I’m not sure if I should be using IR lights indoors on my V3 cam.

Nothing wrong with using IR indoors. You should view your camera in the location you want to use. Set night vision off and see what it looks like, then turn night vision on with the IR lights off, still to dark turn the IR lights on near and see what it looks like.



Thanks for the info. Very helpful….tlhutch4

If you need to use the cam with night vision on just set it to AUTO to come on at dusk or dark. If you think you need the IR lights toggle it on and set to near. When the cam switches from day time vision to night vision in Auto the IR will be on if you set it that way.

I use IR lights on several of my indoor cameras, and all of my indoor garage cameras. No problem at all.

Thanks, I’m setting mine up tonight to check it out.


Thanks again. I’m going to experiment now…