IPVanish VPN Redux

I use IPVanish on both my PC and Android cell phone (Samsung S21). I am experiencing different problems accessing my Wyzecams and/or my Wyzecan notifications. Regardless of which of the three connections I choose (OpenVPN–TCP, OpenVPN–UDP or IKEv2 Beta, one or the other problem(s) surface. This most often occurs when I switch networks (mobile outside of my home to wireless home LAN and vice-versa). With TCP the notifications fail to come through, although the processes did occur if I check the Wyze events that transpired. With UDP, my phone takes forever to reconnect via IPVanish to whichever network I just switched to; I usually have to manually disconnect/reconnect–a pain in the you-know-where! No problems whatsoever with my network connections changes using IKEv2 Beta, but with this connection method my Wyzecams will not connect!! Is anyone else here using IPVanish, and what is your success story (if any)?

Thanks in advance!!