iPhone XS crackling audio issue

I get crackling audio in either live view or playback with my iPhone XS Max and iOS 12. It sounds like a helicopter. Accessing the same two Wyzecam 2 with my iPhone 7 Plus and iOS 11.4, I don’t get crackling audio. This is with latest Wyze iOS app on both phones.

Anyone else with iPhone XS or XS Max experience this? I believe this may be due to iOS 12.

An update…if I listen to the Wyze audio through Bluetooth headphones, the crackling goes away. So the crackling audio is only when I listen through my iPhone XS Max’s speaker. It’s just with the Wyze app…I don’t get the crackling sound when using the phone in other apps and phone calls, etc. And sometimes when I’ve finished watching a 12 second clip, the crackling keeps going even though the clip has stopped playing. The crackling then stops when I close the Wyze app.

Would love to get feedback from other iPhone XS and XS Max on whether they experience the same thing.

Another update…I opened the Wyze app this morning and the crackling audio was gone from both live view and playing back the 12second clips. Then a couple minutes later, the crackling came back. So I force-closed the Wyze app, reopened it, and the crackling audio was gone again. Strange…

Had zero crackling / popping sounds on my iPhone X. Ordered two new iPhone Xs. Mine was crackling on live view. My Wife’s wasnt. Relogged in with her iPhone and crackling came on. close the app open the app. switch cameras. etc… usually its there but sometimes after I close the app and reopen it’s gone. Very annoying though. I cant speak to playback because currently I’m awaiting support to email me back as to why 4 of 5 wyze cameras stopped recording to the sd card (cant format, cant view playback). Wyze support has gone downhill over the last 4 months.

Thanks for the reply…good to get some confirmation that it’s not just my phone, or else I’d exchange my phone. Force-closing the Wyze app and reopening it gets rid of the crackling for a bit of time. Sometimes the crackling is there even when the 12 second clip has stopped playing.

Sounds like your memory cards may have gone south? Are they all the same brand? I’d pull one out and see if it’s viewable/usable on a computer. And whether it’s able to be formatted on a computer. If not, the cards probably went bad. Were you doing continuous recording?

@DSR @evad714 were you able to resolve your issue ?

Yes, it was specifically addressed and resolved in an app update a while ago.

Yes. There was an app update shortly after my post that fixed it.

Is anyone else getting this issue? I am getting this exact same symptom on all of my cameras. I did not have this issue last week before the new firmware upgrade.

To add, if I record via live stream and look back at the recording, it is completely fine. Also viewing the playback is also okay. It’s only specific to live stream.

I have an iPhone 8+

Hmmm, I can’t reproduce this. Although I’m running in alpha.

After the app update, it resolved itself. Not sure what it was.