(iOS v 2.6.62) Is anyone else as unhappy with this new app as I am?

Equal opportunity.  Everywhere and nowhere. :slight_smile:

The movie is now on Black Friday Sale for $6.99 on iTunes. :rofl:

Also, I still waiting for a Wyze tech support response on how to reinstall an older version of the Wyze application on iOS. I just want it to work and be uncluttered as it used to be.

It is likely that our tech support team doesn’t know how to do this. It’s also something we’re not generally supposed to do. You may want to try asking in our subreddit at r/wyzecam or in the Ask the Community section here. :slight_smile:

@peepeep Let us know if you ever hear from them (tech support). It is highly unlikely they don’t know how to do this since, if I remember correctly, there used to be a tech support page with older versions of software to revert to.

Oh, wait, maybe that was firmware. Never mind.

In any event, after a week of using this awful interface, it doesn’t get better. I want to go back, too.

Ditto on what @masterep said. Wyze slow down!
Unfortunately, Wyze seems to be following the Microsoft model for updates: rapid, untested, poorly considered, and poorly executed - not to mention the ill advised practice of using customers as free debuggers. I can appreciate that Wyze is a small, enthusiastic and new company and is anxious to develop new features quickly. But it doesn’t take much to develop a reputation for poor quality. When that happens, the low prices aren’t going to help much - in fact, the low prices are going to explain the poor quality. I already know of one person who chose to pay much more for competing products because after reviewing this Wyze site decided the low prices aren’t worth the risk.

Another consideration which is too often missed by small companies is that by rapidly generating too many poorly considered features you develop a backlog of complaints and bug fixes. This creates a feedback look into your development process which can spiral out of control.

Finally, if Wyze wants to get much bigger and compete with the big names, it must start attracting business customers. That won’t happen by pushing out a sequence of unreliable updates.

Wyze, slow down. Take a breath.


Hi @julia. I don’t speak Apple but if I get this wrong enough maybe one of the cognoscenti will swoop in. :slight_smile:

User-reversion of an iOS app requires that you first ‘jailbreak’ your i-thing. This voids the warranty.

App vendors (like Wyze) have the capacity to revert their user base to a previous app version but are prevented from offering users the option to do so individually (outside of Beta.)

So, if you’re adventurous, you could join the Wyze iOS Beta group, update to the latest Beta app, and see if it solves your problems. If it doesn’t, or if it adds unacceptable new ones, you can simply (and officially) revert to the current production app.

Presto! :wink:

That’s technically true, but in practice, they’re not really sticklers about this unless the jailbreak manages to brick your phone or something. Obviously you’d be on your own in that case. But warranty issues are usually related to hardware failure, and I don’t think Apple refuses to fix manufacturing hardware problems because someone jailbroke their phone, for example.

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Thank you, Gwendolyn, for your time and your response so late at night. I understand that it is not normal practice to go back to an older version of an iOS application. However, I believe with all the media coverage Wyze has received in the past two years, Apple has surely heard of the company. I feel it might be time to reach out for support from Apple and asked the question about how to do a “rollback.”

I believe I have read, that Wyze builds itself from customer feedback and requests. From reading the many posting here and on Reddit, it has been mostly about wants and dislikes, with very little “this is specifically what I like” comments - for hardware, software and user interface.

For myself here are my standout “likes”

  • Wyze Sense Door Contacts - its modifiable, small, paintable, operates on a non used WiFi frequency and the alerts are almost instant.

  • Software - LOVE the over the air updates, because many Wyze devices are installed and third-party protected in places that are not always easy to access.

  • Past iOS application - the video playback area is uncluttered, features & functions are optionally disabled, button placements are thoughtful for all finger sizes, for all ages of eyes, great contrast with background color, while words are helpful and well spaced. Just like a very elegant advertisement in an luxury publication with lots of open spacing on each page.

I hope more users will share with Wyze what specifically they like, in the hopes future versions will maintain it.

Please consider those great websites that have become so cluttered with too much information over time that its grown to be not usable, filled with all the after thoughts and different internal company directions since its introduction. With that in mind, I would like to suggest that the iOS app interface only changes to the user, if they purchase a new category of Wyze product. In other words, if someone doesn’t purchase the new Wyze Door Lock, their user interface shouldn’t be altered.

Just my thoughts, the iOS application should be the visible road map for Wyze’s future, before new products are even developed, because its the central hub for Wyze moving forward, but it feels and looks like an after thought right now and hurting it’s future. Most people don’t know that Honda, long ago, focused on where its customers “touched” the car, before improving style, performance, technology and looks, which has grown that once small motorcycle company in Japan to a power house automaker - steering wheel, transmission shifter, foot pedals and dashboard readability drove it into the future. Did you know itchy clothing doesn’t sell well because its doesn’t feel good to the buyer?

Take your time Wyze, right now I’m bracing for the impact of the next Wyze’s product’s introduction on my iOS user experience, even if I don’t purchase it.

Godspeed Wyze Team


Thanks @nerdland. How exacting is the “iOS jailbreak + app reversion steps” process? Intermediate skills + care + patience?

Also, can you exempt an iOS app from automatically updating without jailbreak?

My current iPhone isn’t jailbroken, and when I did have a jail broken phone, I never tried to revert to an old version of an app, so I’m honestly not sure.

Im also not sure about exempting an app, although I’d like to find out about this, too, depending what happens in mid-January. It’s unclear whether person detection will continue to work if you stay on old versions, but if it will, I may opt to do that

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I wonder if this:

is roughly consonant with this:

Sounds like it may be…

Good feedack, @masterep .


Yep. I think these kinds of growing pains are pretty normal. Facebook used to have all its functionality in one app, for example, before they decided a separate messenger app was appropriate to declutter the core app. It takes a lot of time and forethought to build a great UX, but also just experience. Forethought doesn’t always account for everything in real-world scenarios. It’s also sometimes impossible to have forethought if a new product wasn’t even on the radar when the original UX designer thought about the app. For example, I never would have guessed that Wyze would work on a bathroom scale. Even if the original UX designer knew they were planning to expand into the smarthome arena, they might not necessarily have considered a bathroom scale, if it wasn’t already known. So things have to be changed on-the-fly sometimes, and those can add up to clutter over time. But I think it’s great that they’re working on the problem. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, peepeep and nerdland.

I’m guessing that before Wyze opened for business, the companies’ founders planned, discussed and model extensively before making the leap to start the organization - with just the Wyzecam. Its evident in the greatness that customers expressed with not just the product but with the “UX” (user experience) from that first offering with their long attention. But now, it shows that the same amount of time is not being invested into each different line of business. Yes, growth is hard, but all companies, need to reflect and envision where they would like to be in the future.

My point is, Wyze please look at your iOS application as your next endeavor now that you have experience, this will help your growth. If it means starting over, join the countless enterprises that still exist today who paid the price and those who did not.

The user application is the foundation that all new products, customers and growth will take place. Most of all be mindful of your CIO’s (Customer In Operation) experience. Example: Many, many retirees get upset, because their benefits package that was active when they retired are being altered years later, in other words the deal is changing in a way they don’t want, for the benefit of the new currently working individuals, who just started.

“Wyze reflection” maybe needed for a great, strong, supported and sustainable growth - starting with the Wyze App. If you put more focus on CIOs, they will bring you new business by being your biggest cheerleaders, instead of adding new products and features too quickly to market.

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I did a quick search on the Apple community and it seems rolling back to a previous version of an app is not supported by Apple.

That’s Apple.

Until a few years ago, you have to pay up to install an app, you developed yourself, in your own iOS device.

Even now, it won’t allow cross-compiling an iOS app, you need to get a real mac to do it.

How fast is fast? How big is growth?

Here’s a Wyze founder pitching the company in June 2018 when they had sold somewhere north of 250K cams:

March 2019, ~1M users. Did I hear them say recently that they now have ~2M users??

Must be a rush in more ways than one… :sweat_smile: :woman_cartwheeling:

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I just read another post that someone mentioned a torn IR filter… You might contact support and see if it is something they can help with…

Thank you

Hello @Frederik
As I’m perusing the forums this evening, and have come across your post here, and see the warning of “reviving this topic” because it is two years old, I have to ask, as a user of an iPad Pro 12.9" with an attached Logi Slim Folio Pro keyboard (that is never removed from that iPad), I have to ask the one major question that appears to have been a wishlist for over four years now…

Will the Wyze App ever fully be iPadOS compliant to where it works properly in Landscape Mode?

And, same question for the folks with Android Tablets, as I understand the Wyze App doesn’t do Landscape there as well.

Will that blank piece of paper accommodate your customers that NEED to and prefer to use a iPad/Android Tablet in Landscape mode 100% of the time?

Is that blank sheet of paper still blank?

Thank you for your time,

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Unfortunately, there is not much progress that I"m aware on supporting landscape mode but I’m remote from app development. The only thing I know is the current architecture of the app and the way it is being developed makes changes across the app very difficult to achieve. For example, in the very requested topics: Dark Mode, Landscape Mode or iPad version.
The mobile app contributors and the app architecture favor fast development and enhancement at a device specific level. You can see that materialize by looking art the info of each device where you have a plugin release number…