(iOS v 2.6.62) Is anyone else as unhappy with this new app as I am?

Have to agree. This kind of info would be very useful to us as @Mavens
I keep a cut and-paste file of useful stuff for frequent problems but a central stash we could all access (& maybe add to) would be nice.
Comments @Frederik?


I like that idea , if anyone was able to add to it, it would have to be approved first so it wouldn’t get all cluttered up with bull crap

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Probably because it isn’t an official Wyze position.

I have a very small intel “desktop” where everything is cramped into a small space. I have to use a USB extender to connect a Logitech USB dongle. Without the extender, the mouse gets erratic sometimes, which I suspect is due to radio interference from the wireless component. I saw people complain about it online, but I’ve never seen intel mention an extender as a solution.

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Peeppeep, how do I go back to the previous version of the iOS Wyze application?
I would like to use the version before v2.6.62.
Thank you

to: peepeep

The senior lighting experts comment about how our current population is built on the speed of microwave oven expectations, which has many dark consequences.

This is intriguing but I don’t understand. Could you expand on it?

Yes, today’s customers are expecting “too much” in a short period of time from manufacturers for improvements and perfection. Case-in-point Lunera Lighting, a manufacture who is no longer in business. This company made a great reputation for itself with a great low cost 4ft T8 LED lamp replacement tube used everywhere. The company rapidly expanded its product offering, tried to add IOT capabilities to work on a rapidly evolving electrical distribution environment and made costly mistakes on its learning path. Today its bankrupt by trying to do the righting thing in a timeframe of its customer’s expectations/demands.

Electricity is more than voltage and current, as our personal technology changes and grows, so does the way it interacts with electrons flow. Today, neighborhoods with PV panels on residential homes are harmonically very different from areas without for the operation of electronic components. An office building’s electricity is harmonically not the same as a residential’s home anymore, which impacts product testing results.

My advice to Wyze, is to slow down, run at your own pace, and understand if your products can work in different installed environments before release. Microwave ovens has made many people think waiting one minute to warm food is too long. My response is, good quality food, takes as long as it takes to prepare before serving. Ever notice the wait time for fine dinning is much longer than a fast food establishment?

To learn more about potential reason why so many people are having different product experiences, consider researching the topic “linear loads vs non-linear loads.”

masterep, I can’t say as I’m an Android-only user. A web search suggests it’s possible, but… Anyone know for sure?

Quite interesting, masterep, thanks for recounting that for us. It resonates somewhat with this:

Thank you, peepeep. I have made a service request about the going back to the previous version.

Apparently, I’m still on the old version of the app. Whew. I don’t want to mess with it because I’ve never gotten the lightbulbs to work properly and the cameras are pretty spotty with poor vision. The last thing I need is for the app to start getting annoying. Glad I saw this thread!

Reread your post and a few others. “Time frames” and “immediacy” shook out.

I expect tech businesses must project where they believe the world will be X years out and that belief will inform their short and mid-term decisions and planning.

This is not something most customers will be interested in or sympathetic to but it will definitely have an ongoing effect on their user experience.

It’s a tough game. I appreciate your efforts.

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I have only worked for one multi-nation so far, who predicted the future well. Most, missed the projection because of changes in technology. In the 80’s, one company predicted that 27" TVs would triple in screen size and households would buy high priced cars that had advanced technologies embedded into it that would be transparently helpful to the driver. A few years later we launched LEXUS.

I share this, Because for the first time ever we have a working generation that was born when their parents had cellphones in their pockets. Technology is changing so rapidly in so many different disciplines, that the future is very hard to predict with the exponential growth. Sustainability and climate change push this envelope even harder. We are moving so fast, and companies want to be seen as “doing the right thing”, huge and drastic short cuts are being taken everywhere. I personally would like to see Wyze survive these times, but when I review the iOS app iterations, I worry,

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A couple of years before the iPhone came out, a friend who loved his Palm Pilot PDA (a few here would probably not even know it) so much, was trying to convince me to get one. I didn’t think it would help me much.

To shut him up, I grabbed his Palm and put it close to my ears and said, “I’ll buy one if I can do this!”

Technology does change the way you do things in ways you never imagined. I used to always have a pen and a small piece of paper in my shirt pocket. One time I forgot, and I was browsing at a store. I found something interesting and wanted to jot down the model name so I can research it later.

As I was walking back to my car to get the pen, I soon realized I had a phone/camera in my pocket.

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These are well-behaved elephants so far. Hardly know they’re in the room.

We all live in la la land now. Busting at the seams.

Is that LA Los Angeles?
or Louisiana?
or Lower Alabama? :slight_smile:

Equal opportunity.  Everywhere and nowhere. :slight_smile:

The movie is now on Black Friday Sale for $6.99 on iTunes. :rofl:

Also, I still waiting for a Wyze tech support response on how to reinstall an older version of the Wyze application on iOS. I just want it to work and be uncluttered as it used to be.

It is likely that our tech support team doesn’t know how to do this. It’s also something we’re not generally supposed to do. You may want to try asking in our subreddit at r/wyzecam or in the Ask the Community section here. :slight_smile:

@peepeep Let us know if you ever hear from them (tech support). It is highly unlikely they don’t know how to do this since, if I remember correctly, there used to be a tech support page with older versions of software to revert to.

Oh, wait, maybe that was firmware. Never mind.

In any event, after a week of using this awful interface, it doesn’t get better. I want to go back, too.

Ditto on what @masterep said. Wyze slow down!
Unfortunately, Wyze seems to be following the Microsoft model for updates: rapid, untested, poorly considered, and poorly executed - not to mention the ill advised practice of using customers as free debuggers. I can appreciate that Wyze is a small, enthusiastic and new company and is anxious to develop new features quickly. But it doesn’t take much to develop a reputation for poor quality. When that happens, the low prices aren’t going to help much - in fact, the low prices are going to explain the poor quality. I already know of one person who chose to pay much more for competing products because after reviewing this Wyze site decided the low prices aren’t worth the risk.

Another consideration which is too often missed by small companies is that by rapidly generating too many poorly considered features you develop a backlog of complaints and bug fixes. This creates a feedback look into your development process which can spiral out of control.

Finally, if Wyze wants to get much bigger and compete with the big names, it must start attracting business customers. That won’t happen by pushing out a sequence of unreliable updates.

Wyze, slow down. Take a breath.


Hi @julia. I don’t speak Apple but if I get this wrong enough maybe one of the cognoscenti will swoop in. :slight_smile:

User-reversion of an iOS app requires that you first ‘jailbreak’ your i-thing. This voids the warranty.

App vendors (like Wyze) have the capacity to revert their user base to a previous app version but are prevented from offering users the option to do so individually (outside of Beta.)

So, if you’re adventurous, you could join the Wyze iOS Beta group, update to the latest Beta app, and see if it solves your problems. If it doesn’t, or if it adds unacceptable new ones, you can simply (and officially) revert to the current production app.

Presto! :wink: