iOS App Version 2.16.25 Released - 12/22/20

Hello, forum friends!

We try not to release app and firmware versions close to holidays but this one’s pretty important. iOS app 2.16.25 fixes a bug that set the wrong time for Device Trigger Rules. Our apologies!

Read our Release Notes here:


No release for Android? I am hoping I can play events without crashing Wyze app.

It’s a fix for a bug in the iOS app only.

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I knew, just a rant to Wyze.

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It didn’t fix anything, it’s actually worse now. If I am away and access using cellular data, when I return to any WiFi location (but specifically my own) I can not control or access any camera by using WiFi.

I physically have to shut off cellular data, reboot phone, enable WiFi upon reboot, and I get control of one camera for 12-15 seconds before the app crashes. And endlessly crashes.

If I’m away out in the society, and the last time I accessed the app and cameras was using WiFi…then I have no functional control of the app or cameras with cellular. Endless crash of the app and then it triggers the phone to restart.

New Detection square zones with cameras of .218 don’t work, as they detect anything…and .199 using zero detection zones still trigger outside zone under any slider setting.

I’ve also found that if you name your camera a naughty name, assign it no rules, it will come on randomly using the Wyze provided as card under latest .218 software.

You have to physically unplug the device or put a shield over it. This is tested and proven with the only device that control my cameras ( my phone). I don’t have Alexa or Siri access to my cams. I have 2 factor auth.

Latest glitch patch confirms half of what of saying, but they try to say it’s rules based. No that ain’t it. It’s also dirty named camera based that we used to test this.

Some say to provide logs to the mods here, yeah… I’m not providing logs to unpaid volunteers who don’t answer to Wyze nor are employed by Wyze.

Mods here are not getting my logs, why would they think that’d be okay to “just pass it along” …pfffft