iOS App seems to be losing password

Not a big issue, but a really annoying one.
The iOS app (v2.3.69 running on iOS 12.3) seems to sometimes lose its password.
If this is by design for security reasons, fair enough. But if a bug, it sure is REALLY annoying.

I have no idea what my password is (in casual situations, all stored in a secured PW database) and I loathe to use the “forgot password” feature just because the app has decided to drop the PW at random (and I do not have the list of password nearby and accessible to me now, so password is not “lost”, just not accessible).

It happened was last night (Sunday 6/23) and it coincided with Comcast dropping, so app could not find the cameras. Unsure if that had anything to do with it.

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Same problem here. Same app and iOS versions. Been going on for a couple of weeks now. Very annoying. Especially when I’m using my phone to access, the account is in my husband’s name/address and I have to wait for him to give me confirmation numbers.


@theprof: that’s a REALLY good example!
When accessing via an account under an e-mail one does not have direct access to. Very annoying.

It would be interesting to see why you two need to enter your password often. I too am using app 2.3.69 w.1OS 12.3.1. I can’t remember the last time I had to enter a password, and I run the app multiple times a day on an iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, and iPad 2018 (all running the same app/iOS combo).

I even just disconnected my router from my Comcast modem, and all I saw was the shortcuts didn’t load.

I too have this same issue. Constantly prompting me for username and password accross my iOS devices.

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So here again, need to describe a scenario when the iOS app indeed has lost the password.
Thursday evening (07/11/2019) I’m at Paramount Theater in Seattle with more than 2,500 other souls. Wireless networks are taxed to the max and connection - if at all possible - is SLOW.
I get a few notifications and try to follow up to see what is going on at home. I let app be open to see if I indeed can connect. No go. Put phone in sleep mode and get a few notifications. Curious as I am, follow notifications and now leave app open. Eventually (long wait) it comes up with user ID and an empty password (I do not know my password of hand and have no intention for a “reset” either (due to my password tracking).
Once outside and on way back home, wireless network is fine, excellent speed and short lag time. App still asks me for my password. Grrr…
I come home, now on WiFi network. No different. It is late and I need to take dog for a walk. Will have to deal with this Friday AM.
And now it gets interesting. Friday late morning, I open up the Wyze app and all is normal!!!
No password lost, no password reset needed. Everything is just working.
App version is V2.4.34 on iOS 12.3

My thoughts:

  1. Is there a timer somewhere in the app as if you indeed are on a very congested network, app (or server) times out and decides to ask for password to authenticate user? An instance that rarely will be seen in normal use, but when in a crowded place (concert, sport arena, festival, etc) and there is a great possibility that the response time (app-server-app) surpasses some set threshold in the app or server? And when threshold has been passed, app asks for password.
  2. Once you are on a good network, and after having force-closed app, app behaves normal again. No password needed to be entered.
  3. App kept on asking for password on Thursday night, even on good networks. But could it due to my practice of closing out all open apps before going to sleep, that made app behave perfectly normal when opening it on Friday morning?

Can @WyzeGwendolyn take this up the chain and see if there is indeed a timer that can be extended - or if set at a certain interval, the reasoning behind it (which likely makes perfect sense but can lead to odd behavior under certain use conditions)?

I use LastPass and the only time I’m required to enter the password is once after uninstalling and reinstalling the Wyze App.
I’m not surprised you’re having issues though.
The App is buggy and needs some serious attention.
I’m having trouble with the Personal Detection staying ON.
Only thing you can do is go to Help and Feedback, tell them your problems and hope for a fix.

I’ll talk to the team about it! I think that this one is security related but I’m not positive. I’ll make sure that the team hears about your experience. :slight_smile:

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