ios App crashing when switching to other cameras

Today the ios11 app started crashing when I switch to view another camera, I restart the app and view a camera just fine, but if I switch to another camera the app crashes right after the “connecting” indicator. I does this on my iPhone and my iPad, but not my Android tablet. I’ve reinstalled the apps - still does it. I’m thinking its on the server end - causing the app to crash.

I have the same issue. I submitted a support request via the app.

Hello! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We have been able to reproduce this error in the office and are now investigating the cause. I will try to keep everyone updated as I have more information.

Mickey, could you tell me your ticket number so I can grab it up for you? Thanks!

I submitted Support Ticket #49046

i have the same problem, IOS App crash almost every time hope you guys fix it soon, on the other hand love the camera i got 2 today and just purchase 2 more from amazon :slight_smile: , for 35.00 is good enough

with the last IOS App version this crash problem is fix, thank you that was fast

Thanks for letting me know the problem is resolved!