Ios 15 Auto Unlock doesn’t work

Just updated iPhone to iOS 15. Now Auto Unlock will not work. All settings are correct. Please update app to work with Auto Unlock again and iOS 15

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Am I the only one with this issue since updating iphone to iOS 15? My auto unlock worked flawlessly before update.

My auto-unlock hasn’t been working since upgrading to iOS 15 either.


Mine not working also. I thought it was because I got a new apple watch7 but you are probably right, I am on IOS 15 also.

I’m very disappointed this hasn’t been fixed yet but I discovered if you leave the app open on home page it will work. But if the app is closed it will not work

Could you elaborate about this issue? I don’t have to enter my login credentials when I open the application. Even after a forced close.

Is anybody working on the fix for this? I keep finding my door unlocked from my wifes iPhone. Works fine with my android.

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