Introducing Wyze Video Doorbell - 9/22/20

Yes you can view it live

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Hello. I don’t have an existing doorbell or chime box.
Question 1: is there a way to install wyze doorbell without an existing doorbell /chime box?

Question 2: if I sell the house and move, is it easy to uninstall Wyze’s doorbell so I can take with me? Or is it, once it’s installed, it’s in the same place forever?

Answer to both, youll have to look into a seperate power supply that is rated to power the doorbell and then you can mount it where ever. And you should be able to take it with you unless it’s so permenatly mounted you can’t remove it.


I don’t see any problem with you /removing it and taking it when you move.
If you have a wall plug nearby you can use a transformer like this and your all set


The Amcrest is about the same and looks much better to me. Either is arguably worth the upcharge over the Wyze. :frowning:


I’ve been looking at the Amcrest one as well, looks nice and has all the extra features - including RTSP, also listed as working with Home Assistant…


Immediate charge

@claystorm you got a link handy to one of these plug-in transformers?

I have used this one if it helps.

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Can we please have 4:3 aspect ratio instead of 3:4?
That way more field of view will be covered as other competitors…

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The choice was apparently made to favor being able to view up and down as opposed to side to side. Better able to see packages on the ground I gather! Or to examine the footwear of potential visitors, or conversely the hair styles and headware.


Full power is not drawn until the mechanical button is pushed, completing the circuit. This is precisely why the chime needs to be bypassed. You’re essentially wiring the Wyze doorbell directly to the transformer drawing the full 16v-24v powering the cam.

Here’s a simplistic image.


And this is what a company did to overcome that issue.

Why Wyze can’t? Dunno.


Thanks for that. Apparently it’s even simpler than what RBruce and I were speculating. No relay, no capacitors. This is just an inline resistor?


There is nothing stopping anyone from applying that solution to a Wyze doorbell. With a little adjustment of course. I suspect the reason Wyze is not supplying a similar solution is price.

I am unaware of any doorbell in Wyze’s price point that offer a similar workaround. Of course there may be one but if so I am unaware of it.

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The image on that phone screen is 9:19. If it was 3:4 or 4:3 it would be almost square.

And people will pay for that functionality even if it is a separate adapter at a additional price.

Yes indeed some will. And they already can, no effort needed on Wyze’s part.

As far as I can tell this regulates power and protects the doorbell camera.
It doesn’t allow the doorbell to activate the existing chime.