Introducing Wyze Buds Pro - 5/11/21

Hi! We launched a firmware fix for the crash on the Beta app yesterday. We should launch it officially next week!


Good, about time!!! I’ll install it when I get home since I’m doing the Beta’s.


Hey I’m confused - was about to order the wyze buds pro but then it looks like another version is coming out w/ longer battery life? Wondering why I would buy this one if a better one is around the corner… I only need one pair.

Sounds like the other version is without noise cancelling.

I’m glad Wyze put those Dolby engineers to good use to make earbuds. I would never take over the ear headphones around with me everywhere I go, but I can fit earbuds in my pocket everywhere.

Price is a little steep compared to what I normally pay for earbuds, but of course, None of those others have Alexa or Noise Cancelation. Still, I love this direction!

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So what’s this teaser all about? Another buds product announced next month?!! Should I wait on the Buds Pro to see what this is all about? :thinking:
wyze capture


So… what about shower proof? That’s kinda like a heavy sweat, right?

Order placed! :grinning: My wife will love these things.

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This is great news however, how can I be confident this won’t be riddled with firmware bugs when you don’t even address issues with your existing products?

I’m disappointed that you’re so focused on releasing new products that you have forgotten about your loyal customers who supported Wyze for all these years?

I’ll definitely purchase these earbuds once you address the firmware issues In your other products.

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With 40dB noise cancellation, can these be used (if properly fitted) for hearing protection? That’s a better reduction than most hearing protection out there - though the user will need to make sure the batteries don’t run low while in use.

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He with the most WYZE when He DYZE wins


Can these be turned on and off without the case? I like to leave the case at work and take the buds home, but I don’t want them going completely dead overnight.

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I like the multipoint function on the Wyze Headphones, does this “Fast Pair” means the same?

Ordered. Not that I needed it, but I would say this is a sickness. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to get them.


No volume control? :thinking: No APT-X

Does each bud connect to the phone separately (forgot what that is called) or is it a master/slave deal?


This is something that bugs me about most companies’ earbuds (we have to control volume through the paired device instead). Also most companies do previous/next track controls which are for music people, but most earbuds on the market rarely support rewind or fast-forward X seconds for those of us who prefer things like podcasts or audiobooks instead and thus we usually want to rewind a few seconds to catch what was just said, not skip entire chapters…but all the earbud companies cater to music/brain-candy instead (even with using users who use them to watch TV shows or movies on a phone or something, that user would rather rewind or fast-forward through the movie rather than skip entire episodes or movies).

It would be cool if there is a setting toggle made for earbuds to let us choose what functions we’d like different button presses to do depending on our type of listening preferences.


Maybe Wyze Buds regular which is Wyze Buds Pro but without noise cancellation. :thinking:

Looks like a great product! I’ll be ordering! :slight_smile:

I like that they say they will do wireless charging, especially with those of us with phones like the Pixel 5 where, if we are out and about and desperately need to charge the headphones for a little extra juice, we can just hold it up to our phone and get more charge. Of course, with them holding an entire 18 hours of battery life, that might be a rare need…but it’s nice to have the option to be able to charge them without a cord when needed.

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I was stoked to hear that Wyze was going to be offering earbuds. I am saddened and turned off by the fact they made them look like airpods.

I would have preorder today, but I don’t want to wear antenna-looking buds. It’s not a technical issue as other companies can offer similar stats without the irritating airpod look. Guess I will wait for v2.

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