Introducing Wyze Battery Cam Pro - 8/1/2023

I asked about this in the AMA for this device. The Product Manager replied:

…we’ll support microSD card playback (continuous/event-only) in September or October software updates. Please note that this timeline may be pushed if we need to adjust some more code before release.

Is this camera ever going to get motion tagging? Lately mine has been having motion event recordings but I can’t see anything that moved and a tag around it would be helpful. This feature should have been included from the start, just like it is with their other cameras.

It already has it. Go to settings → Detection Settings → Toggle on “Motion Tagging”

It’s just not on the liveview menu like where the old GUI used to have it. I think they’re trying to clear it out of the liveview menu area because it isn’t something that people typically toggle on and off frequently. It’s more of a one time time thing, and then rarely changed after that, so they are moving it to the normal settings instead now.

Oh that’s right. I checked and apparently it was already checked on yet there was no motion tagging showing in the video and sound detection is not on, so that wasn’t what initiated the recording.

Today my Battery Cam Pro recorded a video but again didn’t show a tag around what moved. Actually nothing moved but the camera switched from night vision to normal vision, very odd it was what triggered the recording event. Never had that happen on any camera before.