Internet problems

Hi, I have just bought and tried to set up my WYZE pet cam. I am unable to proceed due to being informed there is no Internet connection. There is nothing wrong with my Internet connection so why do I keep getting this message please? I need to monitor my new puppy and this is so frustrating right at the beginning.

Which camera are you trying to set up?WYZE cams need to be set up on the 2.4GHz network. Does your router have a 2.4 and a 5.0 GHz network? Is the SSID (Network name) the same for both the 2.4 and 5.0? If you can say which type and model of router you are using there are some smart members here that can help you get connected. You phone or device you are using for set up has to be on the same network that you are setting the cam up on.


Check to make sure your WiFi is setup for 2.4ghz as well as 5 ghz.

Wyze used 2.4 for their equipment.

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Yes it’s set up for 2.4. I have wi fi showing & Vodafone connected to correct network.

Which camera are your trying to set up. V2, V3, Pan cam? WYZE cam outdoor?