Interference with MFI Hearing Aids

Hi -
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Business: Lets’s see if I can get all the Initial Conditions nailed first.
iPad/iPhone OS 13.4.1
Wyze Cams:
1 - V1 vers.
2 - V2 vers.
2 - Pan vers.
Wyzebeta App v2.10.32(2)
OtiCon Opn S 1 hearing aids (these are MFI devices as hearing aids)

Using the iPadOS and iOS the hearing aids are connected under Accessibility. They are uniquely Bluetooth paired to both Apple devices (phone and pad). The bluetooth pairing is done separately from the “normal” Bluetooth selection and the aids are NOT shown there. They do show up under Accessibility:Hearing Devices. Apparently there is enough information exchanged in this type of pairing for the iOS to recognize the device by name and show it as a MFI Hearing Device.

This type of pairing for the hearing aid allows the iPad or iPhone (when paired) to play all audio directly into the hearing aid; phone, music (Sirius XM, Spotify), Youtube Audio, etc. Actually sort of neat, drives people batty when you get a phone call and appear to be speaking into “thin air” to the iPhone/iPad mic; nobody hears the incoming audio.

The Problem: Hearing Aids paired - now launch the Wyze app (v2.10.32(2)) and as normal the Home Screen comes up and in my case showing 5 cameras all ON. Now - if I select any one of the cameras; it goes to the camera and shows the normal Connecting / Authenticating text. As soon as the video goes “live” shows the scene in realtime - the audio from the hearing aids fades out. NOTE: the sound is enabled from the camera. If I disable sound from the camera, there appears to be no effect. I have tried disabling the sound, backing out completely to the Home Screen and then going back in with no apparent change in problem. When the video goes “live” from the camera to the app the hearing aid audio fades out.

What will bring the hearing aid audio back is if I go to any “sub” page on the camera where the “live” video is not displayed. As soon as I return to the live video feed from the camera the hearing aid audio goes out.

This is a unique “thing” and only worth checking to see if there is something obvious that would “confuse” the iOS on the simultaneous audio feeds - sorta like two inputs and one gets pushed aside. I got my hearing aids from the VA and I know they are expensive, so nobody needs to go out and get some to try and isolate this problem. Let me know if there is some things you would like me to try. I am somewhat technically literate with directions.

This was screwy enough that I though I would just pass it along - Let me know if I candors anything.