Interference, abrupt unknown commands, squelching and late to the capture on V3 outdoor

This was the command code I tried to look up for a nifty and quite offensive porn site and then some info on hat it is google assist or Alexa trying to get names or delete data. As I’m not in town I am freaking out a wee bit. Any help or suggestions out there?

You have told us almost nothing to go on. What are you talking about?

If I send a feed to you you can se the how distorted and crazy the footage is.
I’ve said to myself many times if this is what security cameras are like, no one would ever buy them.… Having said that much of the time it doesn’t look like that at all. It seems that it’s only happening when we have a lot of activity or forest, leading me to think I’m victim to a jammer device. or some kind of a program that’s messing with our cameras. That’s the first issue.

The second issue was a command. I got on one of my cameras. I believe I put a photo of it it in the post. It’s a 10721 command failure. So when I looked up a search in Google “command 10721” it brought me to a porn site. … Then I added the words Wyze to the search and the result was it had to do with Google or Alexa, either deleting something or changing a cam
We don’t have or use either Google or Alexa.
Since we don’t live next-door to one another out here , we live about 1.5 acres from one another so It would seem like someone may be purposely trying to corrupt my feed. I can’t say and I’d need another person to look at it all. Thanks Janet

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For your first issue, post a video or we’re just guessing.

On the second, I don’t recall ever seeing anyone talk about a command 10721, and the fact that Google obviously did not come to a rational answer tells me that it’s not something common.

This is a user to user forum. You might want to contact Wyze support.

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Where you using cam protect or what screen where you saw that? What operation were you trying to do when that popped up?

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Thank you.
We are traveling. It I’ll get something. Posted tomorrow. I have also put a ticket into support.

Ok so what could it have been. I still have plenty of issues with the feed, looking crappy and also some noise but I haven’t plugged the other camera in the one with the code that was on there. What could it been? If you guys got any answers for me there or anyway I’m just looking for some help here.

I don’t know. I took the camera down since we’ve been home however, I do have two cameras up and I still have some interference issues and some squelch issues that I have not seen the code issue again and I’m still wondering what the heck that was

As I said in my original post, unless you post a video, we’re guessing. Post a video.

I had sent one but this form confuses me I thought I sent it to Wyze labs or to Wyze admin or something