Intense light from my yard?

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This light we noticed and actually went outside but we never could identify the source. I think it was one of those “Tactical” flashlights.

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Or lightening?

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It seemed too directional and only covered a small area I have another camera about 15 feet away that saw nothing but a faint glow.

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Whatever it is, it looks like a flash from a single point in space. The shadows don’t seem to move like someone holding a flashlight. Based on the shadows, I can tell that it’s coming from the other side of a railing of some sort. (Deck railing? You’d know based on your yard. Haha.)

I have a camera that sometimes does that. I always thought that’s due to IR filter cutting in and out quickly.

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The direction of the light seems to be coming from the righthand side of the camera, though. I don’t think that’s from the IR illuminators. It seems like it’s a little to the right, lower, and behind.

@rbruceporter There’s a deck with a railing above the camera, right? That’s what the shadow looks like. You might be able to use a flashlight to figure out the direction and roughly estimate the point it came from. Just walk around with a flashlight until the light casts the same shadow.

Are there any driveways behind the camera to the right? I had a mysterious double flash myself once. It turned out to be a car with a driver-side spotlight that had it turned on when they pulled into my neighbor’s driveway to deliver a newspaper. I identified the car using the same time on another camera. I’ve never seen the flash since, so he doesn’t normally run with that spotlight on.

It took the newspaper guy 10 seconds to back out again, so if yours were anything like that it would have to be someone using a driveway to do a quick turnaround.

An 8-foot privacy fence obscures the bottom half of the picture, but this will give you an idea of what I saw:

Mysterious Lights (1m10s)

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No driveways but there are three decks stacked one atop the other for the three condo units next to me. It’s possible someone on one of the decks turned on a flashlight or other very bright light. And of course the condo directly over me, but she actually called me as she thought I did something. She said her living room lit up brighter than “high noon” as she put it.

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Do you have a spare cam you can sit on a window sill facing that area? Maybe they will do it again.

Ah the good old headlight effect! Believe it or not people do on occasion drive their cars right through our back yard and we see something similar. But this light was VERY bright, More like a spotlight or something. It was quiet out so not an aircraft. It’s gotta be a powerful spot or tactical flashlight.

Or I suppose it could be aliens?


It’s a Pan camera so I will enable motion tracking that may catch the little green buggers!

You can see the shadow of the deck when the light flashes, even though it’s not visible in the frame. which means the light would have to be on the other side of it. That should help give you some idea of the origin of the light relative to the surroundings.

It looks like it originated one floor up and one unit over. There are new folks that moved in there I have not met yet. The lady above me is in her 80’s and the guy next to me is visiting relatives in Florida, the one on the very top next to me works nights so was not home.

Might be time to meet the neighbors!

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Same thing in St Louis. It was the time of the meteorite I believe?

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Oh, cool. I just Googled that. It looks like @rbruceporter’s video was from a day earlier, but the light flashing DOES look really similar to that. I wonder if there was another one a day earlier wherever Bruce is.

Check out this one I found – it looks like it’s from a Wyze cam! :slight_smile:

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I think there’s been a lot of activity like that in the sky for a week before our meteorite. Let me check my local weatherman’s facebook page for that time period.s


Cool! It was totally silent and VERY bright. That would be neat if I captured a meteor!

I kinda want to point a camera at the sky for the next couple weeks or so. Haha.

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Looks like head lights from a turning car… casting light briefly into your yard, Not knowing the layout of your yard or were light could come from, its hard to say. Definately light from ground level though. Cant be lighteningi because its beams of light and not illuminating the entire yard from above. Have someone drive by and turn on any near by roads. Possibly a high lumen flash light from a neighbors yard.