Integration Request

Hello @jfharper

Most of what you are wanting to do is possible with a few blockers.
Wyze Rule
You can setup a rule in the Wyze App so that IF a V3 detects motion, THEN turn on a Wyze Plug, you can also set a duration of time that the plug is on. You cannot set a pause in the Wyze Rule. There is a Wishlist item for this capability.

You can setup a Routine in Alexa so that IF a Person is detected (Requires Cam Plus, Cam Plus Lite, or Cam Plus Pro), Turn on Wyze plug After X time.
The only Alexa Trigger for Camera action is Person detection and not just Motion.

Also keep in mind with the Cameras, there is no When Clear, duration.

You could also consider the Wyze Sense Hub and Motion Detectors as this would achieve IF motion detected, then turn on Wyze Plug After X minutes in Alexa. Where Alex Routines give you the wait/pause capability.